CIC Construction Group USA, LLC.

Company Description

Ranked as a top general contractor, employer, and an industry leader, CIC Construction Group is a full-service construction company headquartered in Puerto Rico and offices in Orlando, Florida and Cary, North Carolina. CIC grew from being a general pharmaceutical contractor to one of Puerto Rico’s most respected providers of construction services to remarkable clients in a diverse array of sectors and industries.

In CIC, we emphasize teamwork and own a passion to perform and innovate, aiming to provide the best in project controls, planning, and construction. We know it takes the right blend of talent, knowledge, and experience to do work full of purpose. With a culture of collaboration, CIC offers safety excellence, construction within budget, a schedule driven performance and a transparent work environment. That is why after 40 years, we continue providing trust and services to our very first clients in their newest projects.


All Members

  • All Members

Triangle Market

  • Triangle Market

Division 1 - General Requirements

  • General Contractor - Industrial & Commercial

Division 2 - Site Construction

  • Foundations
  • Grading

Division 3 - Concrete

  • Concrete Formwork
  • Concrete Placing and Finishing
  • Concrete Reinforcing

Division 6 - Wood and Plastics

  • Finish Carpentry / Architectural Woodwork
  • Rough Carpentry

Division 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection

  • Insulation
  • Joint Sealers

Division 8 - Doors and Windows

  • Access Doors
  • Hardware
  • Metal Doors and Frames

Division 9 - Finishes

  • Drywall
  • Finishes
  • Lath and Plaster
  • Painting and Wall Coverings